Mercury Advanced Microelectronics Center  

RF/Microwave Solutions Overview

Mercury Commercial Electronics produces state-of-the-art RF and microwave solutions for capturing and interacting with the electro-magnetic spectrum, Chip-&-Wire, LTCC and additional processes are utilized to develop integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs) that perform essential functions such as RF distribution, frequency extension, conditioning and power amplification. Design objectives such as high-speed switching, high linearity, high isolation, low spurious and low-noise figure all represent the criticality of producing high-fidelity analog signals for processing further down the sensor processing chain.

Mercury Systems' RF and Microwave Components group and IMAs & Subsystems group develop innovative technology solutions to solve complex customer challenges. And our Advanced Microelectronics Centers (AMC) in Hudson, NH and West Caldwell, NJ offer state-of-the-art design and manufacturing RF and microwave capabilities.


» Attenuators
» Ferrites
» High Speed Switches & Drivers
» Noise Source Products
» Switch Filter Banks  
» Detectors/ Limiters
» High Power Limiters
» Low Noise Amplifiers
» Phase Shifters
» VCOs  
» Equalizers
» High Power Switches
» Mixer Products
» Power Amplifiers
» Test Equipment  


» A/D, D/A
» Custom Multifunction Modules
» Frequency Conversion
» IMAs
» Millimeter Wave Components
» Switch Filter Bank  


» Digital Receivers/Tuners
» Digital RF Memory (DRFM)
» Digitizer and FPGA
» Frequency Measurement
» High Power Transceiver