RF & Microwave Solutions

Mercury Commercial Electronics produces state-of-the-art RF and microwave solutions for capturing and interacting with the electro-magnetic spectrum. Chip-&-Wire, LTCC and additional processes are utilized to develop integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs) that perform essential functions such as RF distribution, frequency extension, conditioning and power amplification. Design objectives such as high-speed switching, high linearity, high isolation, low spurious and low-noise figure all represent the criticality of producing high-fidelity analog signals for processing further down the sensor processing chain. 

Additionally, Mercury hosts a line of sophisticated super-heterodyne RF and microwave tuners suitable for EW and SIGINT applications. Technologies such as Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) enable the clean phase noise metrics of a PLL-based design, but at tuning speeds orders of magnitude faster. This coupled with dense system-level channel counts enable objectives such as High Probability of Intercept, a critical attribute for many modern programs.