Dr. Justin Christian Talks About Big Data, Analytics and Insider Threats
Dr. Justin Christian from Mercury Intelligence Systems talks about unleashing the power of Big Data, and tackling the growing issue around Insider Threats.

Insider Threat Whitepaper  "Insider Threat: Information, Infrastructures, and Individuals"

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Mercury Intelligence Systems is unique in the Intelligence Community; we’re the only services-led provider equipped to architect and implement Big Data systems that are individually tailored to each customer’s needs. Not only can we integrate affordable commodity solutions that meet your requirements, but also offer direct access to the high-performance, specialized compute power of Mercury Systems to meet the most demanding requisites. It all adds up to a single organization with unmatched flexibility within the Intelligence Community.

Our broad, in-house capabilities offer a variety of solutions in a one-stop environment. Streamlining your acquisition process and ensuring that your Big Data requirements are met, regardless of what unforeseen challenges lay ahead.


News, Events, Webcasts

» AFCEA Spring Intel Symposium, May 29-30, Washington, D.C.
» Mercury Systems Announces Opening of New Big Data Development Center
» Mercury Systems Names Dr. Justin Christian Director of Technology and Innovation for its Intelligence Systems Subsidiary  


Big Data Analytic Processing

From data ingestion, to actionable intelligence, managing Big Data means knowing which data is critical information.

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Predictive Analytics

Mercury Intelligence Systems develops innovative predictive-analytic techniques for interpreting Big Data in real-time.

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Multi-INT Analysis

Distinguishing between distractions and critical intelligence in real-time is today’s intelligence community challenge.

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