SSI Overview

Special Expertise, Special Value

System IntegrationMercury’s Services and Systems Integration (SSI) team works with you to design, develop and deploy the perfect solution for your needs. We’re your gateway to the newest products and latest technologies — not just from Mercury, but other suppliers as well. That’s because all of our solutions are based on open standards. 

Our SSI service professionals are dedicated to helping you implement optimized application-ready subsystems that reduce your technical and business-level risk and accelerate time to market. Our involvement also frees you up to focus on your core engineering competencies. Just think of us as a real-time extension of your in-house engineering team.

Application-Ready Subsystems

Our prime contractor customers are being asked to deliver new warfighting capabilities in 12- and 18-month upgrade spirals. Mercury can help by providing you with an application-ready subsystem — the end result of an SSI engagement. Each application-ready subsystem is a customizable configuration designed for a specific application area (EW, radar, EO/IR, C4I). What makes it customizable is an efficient building-block design.

Whether furnished by the customer, Mercury or a third party, each component is evaluated and chosen as best of breed. And of course, every application-ready subsystem is optimized for top performance and demanding SWaP constraints.

Our Approach
Schedule, risk and affordabilty — three pain points every program manager must contend with. When we collaborate with your in-house engineers, we design with each of these factors in mind.
Business Support
Risk levels for prime contractors are being elevated from a business and affordability standpoint. Mercury can help by sharing part of the risk associated with our subsystems.
Technical Expertise
Mercury’s SSI team offers a wealth of subsystem development and integration capabilities. Each capability is designed to help our customers gain the competitive advantage they need.
Success Stories
Mercury has been helping customers succeed for the past 30 years. In all, we’ve worked with 26 prime contractors and supported over 300 programs.
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