Diagnostic Support Tools

Diagnostic Support ToolsMercury’s Diagnostic Support Tools (DST) software suite enables the creation of robust subsystem Built-In-Test (BIT) during system boot and application execution. DST complements our ANSA/VITA 46.11 system management platform to provide a comprehensive, system-wide set of management, monitoring and diagnostic tools.

Compatible with Mercury’s BuiltSECURE infrastructure, DST delivers comprehensive, non-intrusive fault detection across processor, graphic, I/O, network, backplane, OS and application. This combination of test coverage forms the basis for Power-on BIT (PBIT), Continuous BIT (CBIT), and operator Initiated BIT (IBIT) to monitor system integrity during system boot and application execution.

Our diagnostic tools use a customizable script format to detect faults in the multicomputer subsystem. The tools leverage Mercury’s software and firmware capabilities and Linux’s system tools to provide an accessible and actionable output of results. These tools improve the reliability, predictability and security of an application while reducing development time by 1,000s of hours.

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