Altera® FPGA-Based Products

From BGA System-in-Package to ATCA boards, Mercury has the right high-density solution for secure FPGA processing.

ENSEMBLE® 8000 Series FCN8213 FPGA Compute Node AdvancedTCA Xeon-EP and FPGA blade

Processors: Two Intel® Xeon® E5 and Arria® 10

ATCA board with server-class Xeons and a user programmable Arria 10. The Arria 10 also includes Mercury’s Protocol Off-Load Engine Technology (POET) for fabric agnostic implementation of PCE Express, 10GbE, or RapidIO communication. Visit the FCN8213 product page.

ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series LDS6526 Low Density Server OpenVPX Xeon D series with embedded I/O

Processors: Intel Xeon D and Arria 10

6U flexible processing board with an Intel Xeon D processor and FPGA-upgradeable POET data plane, including 40Gbit Ethernet. Visit the LDS6526 product page.

ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series LDS6525 Low Density Server OpenVPX i7

Processors: Intel Core i7 and Stratix® V

6U flexible processing board with Intel Core i7 and FPGA-upgradeable POET data plane interface and dual mezzanine sites. Visit the LDS6525 product page.

ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series IOM-300 I/O Module XMC Streaming mezzanine

Processors: Stratix V

XMC I/O mezzanine card with up to twelve 10 Gb/s transceiver with user programmable FPGA and upgradeable FPGA-based POET data plane interface. Visit the IOM-300 product page.


Processors: Arria V

Custom System-In-Package (SIP) solutions with Altera FPGAs, for example, ARRIA 5 with 6GB DDR3 and boot NOR in 35x35 nm high-density flip chip. Visit the SiP-FPGA page.