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RF and Microwave Subsystems

Mercury Systems manufactures densely packaged affordable RF and microwave solutions for controlling and protecting the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). Chip-&-wire, Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC), multi-layer fabrication technologies and highly-automated processes are utilized to produce highly precise and repeatable Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs).

Mercury has scaled our RF and microwave and other defense electronics design and manufacturing capabilities to provide the capacity needed for large, sophisticated projects, with high-volume potential. We have established redundant world-class microelectronics facilities in Hudson, NH and West Caldwell, NJ. These Advanced Microelectronics Centers (AMCs) both provide state-of-the-art design, assembly, and test automation for enhanced reliability, consistency, performance and affordability.

We manufacture and test complex RF and microwave designs following customer prints, and design and produce elegant robust solutions to customer specifications. Many of our designs comply to open standards and are tested in-house to stringent physical, electrical and RF requirements. Our investment in automated state-of-the-art production, assembly, and test and inspection workstations ensure predictable repeatability.

Mercury is leading the way with OpenRFM, a modular, open systems approach that combines digital and RF technologies to deliver greater interoperability and affordability, providing key building blocks for advanced EW subsystems. OpenRFM defines electromechanical, firmware, and software interoperability for efficient subsystem integration.

Mercury’s RF and microwave building blocks and IMAs are characteristically broadband, fast-scanning and coherent for the highest probability of intercept and accurate direction finding, making them ideally suited for EW and C4ISR applications. Leverage of the latest commercial technology and Mercury’s library of OpenRFM building blocks produces affordable, low-SWaP solutions to complex, RF and microwave challenges.