Innovation That Matters

Who We Are

Mercury Systems is pioneering a next generation defense electronics business model. We are the better alternative for affordable, secure and sensor processing subsystems designed and made in the USA.

About Mercury Systems, Inc.

Mercury Systems has built a next generation business model that we believe puts us in a unique position within the defense industrial base and in particular within defense electronics. Today within the DoD and the industrial base that supports it, challenges have taken center stage around the need for procurement reform, the more rapid and timely adoption of open systems based architectures, and the need to be nimble and responsive in the face of continued uncertainty at home and instability abroad. Mercury Systems has adopted a next generation business model that we believe addresses these pressing issues, while at the same time leveraging our 30-year commitment to innovation.

We deliver innovative solutions, rapid time-to-value and world-class service and support to our prime contractor customers. Mercury Systems has worked on over 300 programs, including Aegis, Patriot, SEWIP, Gorgon Stare and Predator/Reaper.

Our innovative capabilities span two strategic areas: Mercury Commercial Electronics, and Mercury Defense Systems.

Mercury Commercial Electronics

MCE provides affordable, innovative, commercially designed and developed specialized processing subsystems for critical defense and intelligence applications. Our secure solutions in this key area are based upon open architectures and widely adopted industry standards. Our technologies and capabilities include embedded processing modules and subsystems, RF and microwave multi-function assemblies as well as subsystems, and RF and microwave components.

Mercury Defense Systems

MDS provides significant capabilities relating to pre-integrated, open, affordable electronic warfare (EW) subsystems, signals intelligence (SIGINT) and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) processing technologies, and radar environment test and simulation systems. MDS deploys these solutions on behalf of defense prime contractors and the U.S. Department of Defense, leveraging commercially available technologies and solutions from MCE and other commercial suppliers.