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Quality FAQs

Q: What is ISO?
A: ISO is a standards-setting body representing more than 150 countries. Standards are established for topics that are proposed by member countries. More than 10,000 ISO standards have been established since ISO was founded in 1946. Quality Systems were addressed by the creation of ISO 9001 in 1989.

Q: What is ISO 9001?
A: ISO 9001 is a set of requirements defining the minimum practices for a Quality System covering design, production, services and infrastructure. Mercury Computer Systems has adapted the ISO 9001 requirements to fit our business. 

Q: Is Mercury ISO registered?
A: Yes. Mercury's Quality System has been audited and is registered to the following standard:

ISO 9001:2008
The scope of Mercury's Quality System is for the design, manufacture and support of computer hardware, software, systems and documentation for the following corporate and sales offices: 199/201 Riverneck Rd., Chelmsford, Mass. (corporate headquarters); 540 Silicon Dr., Suite 100, Southlake, Texas 76092 (Western sales office); and 1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, Va. (Eastern sales office).

The scope of Mercury's Microwave and Digital Solutions (MDS) group (formally ECHOTEK Product Group) in Alabama is for the design, manufacture and support of computer hardware, software and documentation at the following locations: 555 Sparkman Dr., Suite 400, Huntsville, Ala.; and 1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 100, Reston, Va.

The scope of the MDS group in New Hampshire (formally LNX) is for the design and manufacture of microwave and digital components for military and commercial applications at the following location: 8B Industrial Way, Salem, N.H.