Mercury Systems is pioneering a next generation defense electronics
business model. We are the leading commercial provider of secure
processing subsystems designed and made in the USA.

These capabilities make us the first commercial defense electronics company
built to meet rapidly evolving next generation defense challenges.


Mercury Systems develops and manufactures pre-integrated subsystems to help solve tough customer problems. The Anatomy of a Subsystem is our unique approach to combining critical capabilities in five key areas; Speed of performance, SWaP, Software capabilities, and security. The fifth “S” is our ability to pre-integrate Industry leading subsystems on behalf of our customers.

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Thought Leadership

Next Generation Business Model

Mercury Systems has built a next generation business model that we believe puts us in a unique position within the defense industrial base and in particular within defense electronics. Today within the DoD and the industrial base that supports it, challenges have taken center stage around the need for procurement reform, the more rapid and timely adoption of open systems based architectures, and the need to be nimble and responsive in the face of continued uncertainty at home and instability abroad. Mercury Systems has adopted a next generation business model that we believe addresses these pressing issues, while at the same time leveraging our 30-year commitment to innovation.

White Papers


This position paper will address the issue of open systems architectures and highlight actions Mercury Systems is taking in the latest, and in our view, most important open architecture discussion in all of defense electronics.

  • Looks at the changing climate within defense electronics and the government and DoD drive towards open standards
  • Highlights the challenges faced around standardizing RF and microwave based solutions
  • Highlights OpenRFM as a new model in developing technologies for Electronic Warfare and related applications
  • Explains why OpenRFM can change the game in building modular, interoperable and affordable solutions within EW, EA and SIGINT
Mercury Systems
A Better Alternative in Defense Electronics

These are challenging times for America’s defense industry. Against a backdrop of political dysfunction and slow GDP and tax revenue growth, social and healthcare priorities are eroding the share of the federal budget available for defense. This whitepaper covers:

  • Examines major challenges facing the defense industry from the perspective of a supplier of electronic subsystem solutions to numerous defense prime contractors
  • Illustrates how these challenges are affecting the primes in terms of growth, expenses and margins
  • Highlights pockets of opportunity for the industry that are manifesting themselves
  • Discusses recent trends around the globalization of technology solutions
  • Explains how Mercury Systems has positioned itself with new capabilities to help the primes translate opportunities into profitable revenue growth
RF/Microwave Technologies

For the U.S. defense industry, a backdrop of political dysfunction, the lack of bi-partisan problem solving in Washington and budget uncertainty have all conspired to put the defense industrial base in a period of transition. This whitepaper:

  • Reviews the challenges facing the defense industry
  • Highlights how key industry trends are putting pressure on internal and external R&D, crowding out investments, and reducing tolerance for risk taking
  • Provides insight to those real opportunities that still exist within this changing environment
  • Walks through our RF/Microwave capabilities and solutions and our strategy for growing this segment of our business
  • Discusses open architectures and why they are a game changer in RF/Microwave solutions
  • Provides a description of Mercury Systems’ dual Advanced Microelectronics Centers of excellence and what makes them unique and relevant
Secure Processing

Mercury Systems is a leader in building pre-integrated, customizable, secure building blocks for critical defense applications. Our new white paper describes how Mercury, leveraging our 30 year heritage in embedded processing, is working with customers to provide built-in secure processing solutions that can become part of a broader, customer led, secure processing architecture.