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Airborne 1225

This ruggedized, air-cooled, airborne 3-bit miniaturized DRFM was developed for airborne, pod and UAV applications with up to 1200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. It is self-contained with internal techniques and RF and power supplies.

Contracted by the U.S. Navy, the Airborne 1225 features a small ruggedized package with disproportionally large capabilities. Over 130 units have been produced for multiple users, demonstrating the solution’s high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and functionality. Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) is its primary application.

The 1225 DRFM has >15 dBc worst case spurious suppression across the entire band with typical spurs >19dBc. The Airborne 1225 is self-contained with storage for up to 48 user-defined deception programs. ECM techniques for Pipeline, Stretched Pulse (including synthetic CW) and Multiple False Target (MFT) modes are defined quickly through the user-friendly interface.

Airborne 1225 Parameters:

  • 1 RF converter, 1 converter/memory, 1 system controller
  • 3 bit phase encoding at 1.2 GHz Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW)
  • Each false target programmable for range, Doppler and bi-phase
  • Up to 4 emitters tracked
  • Internal techniques against 2-4 emitters
  • Up to 32 independent EA responses (with noise, AM, & AWG)
  • Industry leading ECM IP