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Airborne 1177

The Airborne 1177, developed for the US Navy is a small, self-contained upgrade of the 1030 DRFM with up to 16 deception program capability. Via the user-friendly interface, ECM techniques for Pipeline, Stretched Pulse (including synthetic CW) and Multiple False Target (MFT) modes are easily defined.

All airborne DRFMs are offered as a complete ECM subsystem, not simply a kernel requiring additional hardware and software to be functional in the RF environment. The Airborne 1177 DRFM contains everything required to become operational quickly and efficiently, and includes:

  • DRFM kernel (A/D, Memory, controller, D/A)
  • Doppler generation circuitry
  • IF/RF up converter
  • RF/IF down converter
  • Power supplies and cooling
  • Menu- and script-driven technique setup and control software