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CRFM 9041

The CRFM 9041 is a multi-functional, scalable test asset for the development of EW, radar, seeker and communication systems. Sampling at 2,200 MHz, the CRFM 9041 captures, stores and simultaneously replays RF signals. Continuous signals can be delayed 7.5 ms while pulsed signals can be delayed up to 15 ms with multiple returns per input pulse.

  • Up to 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth is available with -47 dBc typical spurs, -45 dBc worst case spurious suppression
  • Highly configurable for any combination of ECM, radar environment and arbitrary waveform (exciter) signal generation
  • Latest DSP technology performs real-time digital modulation for fine resolution Doppler, amplitude, phase and multi-scatter simulation
  • 5-slot 6U VME chassis compatible
  • Supplied with single board computer, power supply and either a desktop or rack mount enclosure 

CRFM Parameters

  • Operating frequency: Customer-defined frequency band
  • Base band frequency: 55 MHz to 1050 MHz
  • Instantaneous bandwidth: Up to 1 GHz
  • Spurious: -47 dBc typical
  • Range delay: <120 ns to 7.5 ms
  • Delay resolution: <0.5 nanoseconds
  • Pulse width: <20 ns to CW
  • Pulse repetition frequency: <100 Hz to >5 Mhz, CW
  • Doppler offset: +/- 2 MHz
  • Doppler resolution: <1 Hz