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Laboratory DRFM

Our Digital RF Memories (DRFMs) are highly configurable target generators/transponders, signal delay lines or coherent Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) simulators. Utilizing a higher number of digitization bits, they provide the spurious performance required by high fidelity sensors.

Our high bit-count DRFM technology is Open Standard Architecture VME based with optional PC-software for available testing. Mercury Systems has been developing and delivering lab DRFMs for over two decades with hundreds of units in the field operating in 6 to 12 bit configurations.

Mercury laboratory simulators are reliable, capable and versatile DRFM solutions that address specific testing and training requirements. These high-bit rate DRFMs, with 1000+ MHz of instantaneous bandwidth and 40 dBc and better spurious suppression across the entire bandwidth are an affordable desk-top resource.

Laboratory DRFMs are modular and may be scaled to form much larger systems. Incorporating target/jammer/clutter generation hardware and software, these DRFM configurations form Radar Environment Simulators (RES) ideal for anechoic chamber and free-space radiation testing on flight test ranges. Alternatively, any combination of non-coherent ECM techniques can be combined with the extensive coherent ECM technique capabilities and target return generation of the DRFM to provide an Advanced ECM/Target Simulator. These are extremely powerful tools with which to test and validate radar/seeker Electromagnetic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) effectiveness.