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Modular Digital Receiver Exciter (MoDREx)

Modular Digital Receiver Exciter (MoDREx) is a scalable solution for applications ranging from simple single-threat/single-response environment, to complex and sophisticated multi-threat/multi-response environment. Derived from our domain expertise of flight test and training DRFM subsystems and tactical DRFM solutions, MoDREx compliments systems employing full EW suites. MoDREx supports emerging application requirements that do not have or cannot afford a full EW suite Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) capability.

MoDREx is a flight-qualified suite of subassemblies featuring capabilities researched and demonstrated under Navy SBIR N06-036 Advanced Techniques for DRFMs. Ideally matched to the task of generating a wide range of individual Electronic Attack (EA) techniques, from individual to multiple independently operated emitters. MoDREx emitter filtering separates multiple emitter signals and adaptive technique generation responds to emitter changes, while providing specific responses to specific emitter signals.