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DRFM Technology

What is a DRFM? 

  • Provides coherent time delay of RF signals (typically in radar applications)
  • Produce coherent deception jamming to a radar system:
  • Captured radar pulse can be replayed with a small delay
  • A change in the delay of the false target makes it appear to move
  • Captured pulse data can be modulated in amplitude, frequency, and/or phase to provide other affects
  • Doppler shift is added so range and range rate trackers will correlate in the radar
  • Captured pulse can be replayed many times so the radar "sees" many targets
  • A DRFM can produce an arbitrary waveform from a file

Evolving DRFM Technology

Smaller packages, faster responses and vast volumes of low-latency compute power define modern DRFM evolution. Our unmatched domain experience has produced the most progressive portfolio of DRFM solutions in the industry.

Uniquely, our latest generation DRFM technology produces modules as thin as 0.44 inches (standard modules are 0.8 inches wide, typical peer solutions are double width or 1.6inches wide) and leverage the advantages of Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) Local Oscillator (LO) technology. DDS delivers sub-microsecond tuning speeds over a wide bandwidth but this is only beneficial if their associated digital noise is compensated for or eliminated. Advanced circuit design and materials, IMA topology and construction and especially, detailed design simulation drives our excellent spurious, inter-module and phase noise performance – DDS noise is completely negated.