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EnsembleSeries™ HDS6600

Product Description 

6U OpenVPX blade powered by two 1.73GHz Intel® Quad-core LC5518 Xeon® processors (formerly codenamed “Jasper Forest”). On-board Gen 2 PCIe pipes feed the module’s Ethernet switch fabric interconnects.

  • Two 64-bit Xeon Nehalem-class quad-core Jasper Forest LC5518 processors
  • Utilizes unique packaging technologies to support two instances of a Land Grid Array (LGA) processor in a rugged embedded platform
  • Dual quad-core processors ae linked via the high-speed low-latency QPI interface with 19.26 GB/s transfer rate
  • Each processor can deliver approximately 55 GFLOPS (peak) with three high-speed DDR3-1066 memory channels capable of 17 GB/s raw bandwidth each, for a total peak of 110 GFLOPS and 51 GB/s of raw memory bandwidth
  • Supports configurations with 12 to 24 GB of DDR3 SDRAM on-board
  • High-end 80-lane PCI Express switch for on-board switching and off-board expansion
  • Variety of additional built-in I/O options
  • Thermal and voltage sensors integrated on-board
  • Real-time clock with granularity to 1 ms and time measurement of up to 30 years
  • General-purpose timers for synchronization
  • Watchdog timer to support interrupt or reset
  • Multiple boot paths, include netboot, USB boot, and boot from SATA or the on-board 2-GB fl ash device


6U OpenVPX dual Xeon (Jasper Forest) processing blade

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