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EnsembleSeries™ LDS6526

Product Description

6U OpenVPX SBC powered by 8-16-core server-class Xeon D (Broadwell) processor with software-defined 40Gb/s Ethernet fabric, FPGA co-processing and dual mezzanine sites.

  • 6U OpenVPX single server blade
  • Intel® Xeon® D (Broadwell microarchitecture) server-class processing
  • 40 Gigabit Ethernet high bandwidth SW defined fabrics
  • Four channels built-in sensor I/O
  • Dual XMC mezzanine sites
  • 16 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM
  • PCIe connectivity to OpenVPX expansion plane 

The LDS6526 processing blade with Intel Xeon D processing, software-defined off-load processing built-in and double-bandwidth sensor I/O capability are powerful, signal ingestion engines that are ideally suited to streaming low-latency signal processing applications including next-generation radar, complex image intelligence (IMINT), multi-functional sensor chain and advanced situational awareness applications.

Mercury’s software-defined, FPGA-based protocol offload engine technology (POET) combined with Altera’s latest Arria 10 device deliver twice the sensor I/O bandwidth than any other OpenVPX blade with four channels of I/O that can be routed to either the processor or data plane. This innovative embedded technology is switch fabric-agnostic and runs 40Gb/s Ethernet or many other protocols at full speed. 

Main processor

  • Intel, 1.5GHz, 8-16 core, 64 bit, Xeon D-15xx
  • With AVX 2.0
  • 576 GLOPS peak performance when configured with D-1559 processor


  • Arria 10
  • Four x4 ports to OpenVPX data plane
  • Four x4 ports to P6 for sensor I/O
  • Two x8 PCIe ports to Intel processor

System Memory

  • 16 GB DDR4-2400 (32 GB planned)


  • 6U OpenVPX, single width (1-inch)

Module packages

  • Air-cooled
  • Conduction-cooled
  • Air Flow-By
  • Liquid Flow-By


  • OpenVPX System Specification (VITA 65) encompasses:
  • VITA 46.0, 46.3, 46.4, 46.6, 46.11, and VITA 48.1, 48.2 (REDI) and
  • 48.7 (Air Flow-By)


6U OpenVPX SBC powered by 8-16 core server-class Xeon D processor

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