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Modernization: Leveraging Commercially Developed Electronics to Add Capabilities for Extended Military Platform Life Applications

Due to the high costs of new C4ISR and EW system platform development coupled with our current challenging federal budget environment, fewer new programs are being initiated. However, our armed forces still require improved or new capabilities to deal with emerging and/or sophisticated threats from our adversaries. Therefore, platform life is being extended and upgraded electronic systems are being installed to provide these capabilities. Examples include the U2, P-3, Stryker Combat Vehicle, and DDG-51. New on-board electronic subsystems are being developed for radar, sonar, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, and EO/IR missions. 

By leveraging commercially developed electronic system components in conjunction with the use of open system architectures for sensor signal processing, electronic warfare, and C2 subsystems, our nation's military platforms can be upgraded continuously via technology refreshes over time resulting in increased warfighter capability at reduced cost.

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Flying, Sailing or Driving – Ruggedized Intel in the Sensor Processing Chain

More and more defense programs are looking to leverage Intel processors due to their consistent road map and the ability to add capabilities at tech refreshes. Join us as we provide an overview of the Intel road map and discuss the design tradeoffs for both mobile- and server-class processors.

  • Mobile- vs. server-class architecture and performance 
  • Advantages and best uses for each class of processor 
  • Innovations that enable use of ruggedized Intel server processors 
  • Unique development methodology to significantly shorten time to deployable target 
  • Multi-core software 

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