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System Security Engineering: Anti-Tamper, Cyber, and Information Assurance

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The US Department of Defense has determined that the best approach to providing anti-tamper protection is to utilize a defense-in-depth solution. In recognition of this requirement, Mercury has created a product line called EnforcIT that protects critical systems utilizing both hardware and software mechanisms. In addition, we recognize that Information Assurance is a fundamental driving force for many computational systems. We offer a product line called WhiteboxCRYPTO which provides cryptographic key protection. Protecting cryptographic keys ensures security for forward deployed military hardware.

  • EnforcIT®:  FPGA based hardware protection.  
  • EnforcIT® Security Monitor:  Security for Critical Data and Designs at Rest and in Motion.
  • CodeSEAL:  Defense-In-Depth Software Application Security.
  • WhiteboxCRYPTO:  Key-Hiding solution for protection of critical passwords and crypto keys.
  • WhiteboxSSL: A drop-in-replacement for OpenSSL using white box cryptography which mitigates memory attacks.

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