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Cryptography is an essential component to any secure software, firmware, or hardware system. Mercury provides multiple layers of cryptographic technology to secure data at rest and in motion in software applications, FPGAs, and ASIC designs. The EnforcIT® Cryptography Suite is designed for flexibility in speed and security, and provides higher assurance with NIST algorithmic certification. All IP cores are designed for low-risk integration into nearly all standard SRAM or flash-based FPGAs, and could be instantiated into an ASIC design. These and other Mercury cryptography products including WhiteboxCRYPTO are designed and built in the U.S. in Mercury's trusted facilities.

  • EnforcIT:  FPGA based hardware protection.
  • WhiteboxCRYPTO:  Key-Hiding solution for protection of critical passwords and crypto keys.
  • WhiteboxSSL:  A drop-in-replacement for OpenSSL using white box cryptography which mitigates memory attacks.

Mercury is focused on serving our customers with unsurpassed responsiveness and technical expertise. We offer a wide range of services designed to deliver the best combination of technology, products and support to our customers.