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Cryptographic Key Protection

Access to data, information systems, and digital content is commonly protected by encryption. The single point of failure for any crypto system is the instance in which the key is used. This point is easily identifiable in software routines using signature, pattern, and memory analysis. Typically, key extraction attacks against keys coded as literal data arrays in unprotected applications can be successfully completed in a matter of hours.

Mercury's WhiteboxCRYPTO product combines mathematical algorithms, data, and code obfuscation techniques to transform the key and related crypto operations in complex ways requiring deep knowledge in multiple disciplines to attack. Importantly, the key is never present in static or runtime memory. Rather, the key becomes an inert collection of data that is useless without the uniquely generated white box algorithm. WhiteboxCRYPTO comes in many variants:

WhiteboxAES  128, 192, and 256-bit key protection

WhiteboxRSA  Encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify all key sizes

WhiteboxECC  p160/192/224/256/384/521 prime curve

WhiteboxSHA  SHA1, SHA2 224/256/384/512  + HMAC

Whitebox3DES  DES and 3DES for all key sizes

WhiteboxOXD  Obfuscation for sensitive data transfer

Whitebox Key Transformation

To protect encrypted information, it is imperative that the key never reveals itself in memory or on disk. Standard crypto implementations leave both the algorithm and key vulnerable to tampering and reverse engineering. WhiteboxCRYPTO mathematically transforms the key into a complex graph of numbers and executable code. This graph has multiple valid paths randomly chosen at runtime based on a user-supplied random source.

Hardware ID binding allows integration of a hardware identifier into the WhiteboxCRYPTO library forcing an attacker to reverse engineer a complex, dynamically changing key-­graph tied to a single hardware system.

The WhiteboxCRYPTO product allows you to: Generate a unique crypto library for each application shipped, and encode the same classical key for each; produce a single library and encode many keys to work with it; or encode multiple keys for multiple libraries. By simply supplying a classical crypto key, tweaking a few configuration variables, and running WhiteboxCRYPTO in any build environment, a new library will be generated which can be integrated into an application using a fully documented software API.

Support Platforms

WhiteboxCRYPTO libraries support configurable key sizes, are little and big endian compatible, run on both 32 and 64-bit systems, and are fully compatible with any environment that can link C libraries.

WhiteboxCRYPTO was developed in a US-only facility by cleared US citizens, is EAR export controlled, and is immediately ready for deployment in C and C++ software applications running on nearly any hardware and operating system configuration.

Use Cases

WhiteboxCRYPTO is useful wherever cryptography must be performed in a potentially vulnerable environment or where the crypto keys and/or plaintext data must be protected even if an untrusted user has taken complete control of the host system. Such use cases include compromise of networked systems, software delivered to business competitors, or commercially deployed software with private keys.

Additionally, WhiteboxCRYPTO can receive input and produce output in an obfuscated data format, suitable for use with other algorithms in the WhiteboxCRYPTO suite. In this way, WhiteboxCRYPTO can keep data secured in addition to key material.



Hides Keys Completely

Actual key bits never form in memory, thwarting various memory attacks. The obfuscated white box form is resistant to break-once-run-everywhere exploits.

Simple, Documented API

A simple, fully documented API enables quick implementation of secure encryption, decryption, signing, and verifying functionality.

Binds Keys to Hardware

Hardware identifiers can be mathematically integrated into a key, binding an application and sensitive data to a particular hardware platform.

Customizable Performance

Tunable encrypt/decrypt throughput allows full performance vs. security tradeoffs.

Randomizes at Runtime

For each execution, WhiteboxCRYPTO takes a random path, confusing and forcing an attacker to reverse engineer a complex node graph.

Highly Portable

Source code based implementation is portable to all platforms and compatible with any software protection technique. WhiteboxCRYPTO functions as little or big endian, 32 or 64-bit, compatible with any environment that can link C libraries.

Managed Keys Solution

The whitebox version of the key can be stored externally to a WhiteboxCRYPTO library enabling key updates, key escrow, etc.

Protects data intransit

WhiteboxCRYPTO produces data in obfuscated form usable by other algorithms within the WhiteboxCRYPTO suite. Thus, data is protected during intermediate stages of a sequence of cryptographic operations.

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