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Software-Based Crypto Key Security

The Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL was one of the most devastating hosted server-side vulnerabilities of all time. Though a patch was quickly released, there is no guarantee server keys cannot be compromised through other vulnerabilities discovered in the future.

WhiteboxSSLis a drop-in-replacement for OpenSSL using white box cryptography which mitigates memory attacks.

WhiteboxSSL prevents an attacker from EVER getting the cryptography key out of memory. Here is an example of what an attacker would retrieve from memory using the well-known Heartbleed attack:

WhiteboxSSL Key:

Note: This white box key can be subjected to as much cryptographic analysis as an attacker desires. The relationship between the white box and classical AES key is nontrivial making it impractical to reconstruct the classical key using the tools available to a network-based attacker.

Based on the Classical 256-bit AES Key:

WhiteboxSSL replaces vulnerable key libraries found in OpenSSL and is packaged as a complete OpenSSL implementation with vulnerable libraries replaced for you. WhiteboxSSL uses all the typical OpenSSL cryptography algorithms (AES, ECC, SHA, RSA, etc) but uniquely obfuscates them to your server. That is, EVERY customer who uses WhiteboxSSL has a uniquely constructed key algorithm so the attacker can never create a break-once-run-everywhere attack.


  • Key material can NEVER be found in memory.
  • WhiteboxSSL is unique per customer.
  • WhiteboxSSL is built on Mercury's fielded, mature, proven WhiteboxCRYPTO product.

WhiteboxSSL is comprehensive, easy to implement, and prevents memory attacks on key material stored in your servers. More information on how WhiteboxSSL protects your keys can be found on the WhiteboxCRYPTO webpage. To discuss purchasing, request white papers, review strength of security, or if you have other inquiries, contact us.

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