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Security Center of Excellence

Mercury formed its Secure Processing Solutions Security Center of Excellence in response to rapidly evolving cyber threats. Our team of security and systems analysts, as well as cryptography, hardware and software engineers, is dedicated to proactively address the most critical security issues across multiple vertical markets to help our customers create a safer, more secure world.

Mercury’s SCoE offers cross-vertical expertise in the security domain for various markets and applications such as automotive cyber security, defense, financial cloud computing, industrial automation, communications, supply chain assurance and system authentication.

Comprehensive Embedded Security Systems Expertise

Mercury has extensive experience with embedded systems security. Our team of security and system analysts, as well as
cryptography, hardware and software engineers, has deep systems architecture expertise and decades of combined experience in:

  • Anti-reverse engineering
  • Application security
  • Anti-tamper
  • Cyber security
  • Embedded hardware and software systems engineering
  • System security
  • White-box cryptography

We've applied this expertise and experience to applications as diverse as protecting mobile device applications to preventing tamper attacks in embedded software and firmware on avionics systems, or securing end-to-end communications links on systems ranging from cellular broadband and military satellite communications to IP cameras and unmanned aerial systems.