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Software Security Solutions

Mercury's software security solutions have been built using over a decade of software protection development experience. Protection mechanisms found in CodeSEAL are designed for flexibility in speed and security and can now be inserted many times faster than previous versions. Compatible with many desktop and embedded processor architectures and operating systems, CodeSEAL is a low risk way of adding security to many software applications without compromising on performance while minimally impacting customers' development schedules. This and other Mercury cryptography, software, and hardware products including WhiteboxCRYPTO and EnforcIT® are built in the U.S. in one of Mercury's trusted facilities.


  • CodeSEAL:  Defense-In-Depth Software Application Security. 
  • WhiteboxCRYPTO:  Key-Hiding solution for protection of critical passwords and crypto keys.
  • WhiteboxSSL: A drop-in-replacement for OpenSSL using white box cryptography which mitigates memory attacks.


Mercury is focused on serving our customers with unsurpassed responsiveness and technical expertise. We offer a wide range of services designed to deliver the best combination of technology, products and support to our customers.