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Mercury's software protection product CodeSEAL enables security engineers to build anti-tamper (AT) protection schemes to protect critical technologies and intellectual property against reverse engineering, tampering, and counterfeiting by hostile entities. Built from the ground up and drawing on over 10 years of software protection experience, CodeSEAL takes a defense-in-depth approach to AT by inserting layers of preventative, proactive, and reactive countermeasures into software applications. These protection mechanisms form a dense network of security from common software vulnerabilities that cannot be defeated without sophisticated attack tools and capabilities.


Simple & Effective Software Protecting Software

CodeSEAL secures desktop and embedded systems such as VxWorks on PowerPC or Windows/Linux on x86 from numerous software attacks. Active layers of protections are as easy to install as drag-and-drop.

Securing Vulnerable Software

Reverse engineering is the first form of attack on any software application. Understanding program structure, flow, and the location of sensitive routines enables adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities and otherwise compromise critical technologies. CodeSEAL adds multiple layers to prevent such attacks:

  • obfuscation
  • encryption
  • anti-debugging
  • self-modification 

Tampering is the route by which attackers compromise the software, unlock controlled functionality, or otherwise extend software functionality beyond what was deployed. Tampering attacks can extract valuable software components that can then be used in counterfeit systems.

CodeSEAL protection mechanisms actively detect and react to changes in the software integrity.

Guards are the building blocks of CodeSEAL protections. Each Guard is a small protection mechanism inserted by the CodeSEAL engine. When the protected software is attacked, Guards provide custom reactions and defend each other against reverse engineering and tampering in a layered network of defense. Guards constantly evaluate the program's security at run time so any reverse engineering attempts are detected. Defensive and offensive reactions can be fired to stop the attacker from further progress.

The CodeSEAL Advantage

Many software security solutions fall short of a strong defense allowing attackers to quickly and easily dispose of any protections. CodeSEAL eases the development of a defense-in-depth security strategy making attacks prohibitively difficult and expensive. CodeSEAL's Protection Development Environment is a streamlined interface that walks you through the process of quickly and easily applying antitamper to your system.

Supported Platforms

CodeSEAL protects applications executing Intel x86 or PowerPC instructions running on Windows, Linux, VxWorks, and other embedded operating systems.

Graphical, Drag-and-Drop Protection Development

The Protection Development Environment contains utilities for generating threat trees, injecting software counter-measures, configuring your protection network, and generating anti-tamper reports. Security can be configured down to the bit level, or viewed at the system level. Injecting countermeasures is as simple as drag-and-drop. The CodeSEAL Protection Development Environment significantly decreases the complexity and time of implementing a complex, defense-in-depth software protection.



Active Defense

Active defense means your application can identify attacks and has the power to respond.

Full Automation

Fully automated protection inserts application seamlessly into even the most complex build environments.

No Single Point of Failure

Guards protect each other and your application, significantly challenging the expertise and tools of even the most sophisticated adversaries.

Low, Configurable Impact

Guards are extremely small and highly configurable, allowing you to insert fine-grained protection into your application with an acceptable balance of performance and security.

Ease of Use

A drag-and-drop user interface enables software protection in minutes. Protection defaults get a protection running quickly and are based on best-practices in the industry.

Protection Development Environment

The CodeSEAL Protection Development Environment goes beyond a typical IDE with threat tree development, protection design visualization, and critical technology marking.


Threat trees, protection designs, and other info are stored in a central database. Reports easily export these into documents for management and the anti-tamper authority.

Guard Development Kit

Powerful Guards can be developed and debugged with a Guard Development Kit giving each application its own unique protection mechanisms, custom reactions, etc.


Mercury’s software protection product, CodeSEAL, enables security engineers to build robust anti-tamper (AT) protection schemes to protect critical technologies and intellectual property against reverse engineering, tampering, and counterfeiting by hostile entities.

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