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Ensure Super-Fast Performance With Intel

Are Your Applications Really Cooking?

Modern defense applications require super-fast subsystem performance to execute the demanding real-time tasks they were designed for. Are you positive your subsystem performance is as fast as it should be?

Server-Class Performance … and It Can Fly

Intel-ChartMercury’s Intel®-based product line features rugged modules based on both server- and mobile-class Intel processors, the highest performing embedded processors on the market. Mercury’s Ensemble Series 6U OpenVPX HDS6601 rugged compute blade — based on the 8-core Xeon server-class processor — offers 460 GFLOPS in a single 6U slot. That’s more than 4X the previous generation of Intel-based products. A flying rugged server? It’s not a dream any more.

POET: The Protocol-Agnostic, Multi-Fabric Interconnect Technology

Protocol Offload Engine Technology (POET) is one of the innovations that supports this outstanding performance. POET implements a collection of standard interfaces to create a bridge between processors and switch fabrics. Through its low-latency and high-bandwidth characteristics, POET enables scalable, high-speed and deterministic communications and I/O. Flexible and versatile, the POET interconnect efficiently extends the capabilities of an Intel-based subsystem.

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Intrinsically Open

Mercury’s current and prior generation of Intel-based modules enjoy the intrinsic openness and wide ecosystem of Intel-based products. OpenMPI/OFED, POET and OpenVPX are additional open technologies comprising Mercury’s ultra-high performance embedded subsystems.

Mercury’s Long-Term Intel Relationship

Together, Intel and Mercury have been partners in innovative building blocks for the defense industry since the introduction of the i860 processor in 1989. And Intel’s long-term roadmap and technical vision means that Intel processors will be available for both tech refresh and new programs in the future.

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