Electronic Warfare

ruggedized-DRFMOur Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) technology is the result of our sustained IRAD commitment and collaborative co-engineering ventures with prime contractors has produced the broadest portfolio of advanced Digital RadioFrequency Memory (DRFM) based ECM solutions available. These flight qualified subsystems represent the industry standard for capability and reliability.

We leverage our extensive experience in the radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) domains to offer solutions that address current and future warfighter requirements. Our solutions address modern self-protection and Electronic Attack (EA) challenges, vulnerability assessment and operator training across the whole RF spectrum. From baseband to millimeter, our ECM solutions perform all the processing, from antenna signal capture, to analog/digital signal processing/manipulation prior to returning it back to the antenna for retransmitting.

We have maintained its position as the industry leader of coherent, fast tuning, low-latency DRFM-based subsystems by delivering complex and highly integrated system-level solutions on time and affordably. Our solutions result in mission fulfillment through the integration of our proven commercial-item, sensor chain building blocks and the vast experience of our engineers, who have the broadest experience in the industry.