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Signal Intelligence 

Ideally suited to cross-cueing imaging sensors, our high performance SIGINT payloads for small Unmanned Arial System (UAS) combine robust Direction Finding (DF) capability and efficient Size, Weight and Power – Cost (SWaP-C) packaging.

We have a long and accomplished heritage developing and integrating complex SIGINT-ELINT and SIGINT-COMINT solutions, producing some of the most advanced High Probability of Intercept (HPOI) systems ever deployed. Our technology underwrites very wide, instantaneous bandwidth and exceptionally fast tuning speeds, which are an order-of-magnitude faster than alternative techniques, while preserving low-phase noise, which is critical for demodulation of information content.

Mercury develops systems that rely on low-phase noise to implement sophisticated DF capabilities, including multi-channel interferometry and Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA).

We leverage the broadest and most sophisticated Open Systems Architecture sensor processing building blocks. These building blocks include PowerPC, GPGPU, FGPA and Intel compute solutions. Uniquely, Mercury building blocks have a rugged Intel® Xeon® server-class ecosystem for the most compute intense applications with massive I/O handling abilities.