Mercury Systems is the better alternative for affordable, secure and sensor
processing subsystems designed and made in the USA. These capabilities make us the first commercial defense electronics company purpose-built to meet rapidly evolving
next-generation defense challenges.

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Program Management

Mercury Program Management teams are carefully assembled to aid our customers in winning business and keeping current business sold. Mercury’s domain expertise, portfolio of advanced solutions and affordable building blocks all help drive mission velocity, performance and program success, all while mitigating risks and keeping the program and ultimate mission on schedule.

Services and
Systems Integration

Program solutions are increasingly complex, so early engagement is critical. Mercury recognizes this, and increases our customers’ ability to win business and keep programs sold by supplying affordable, innovative, modular, open systems based solutions through an engagement model that includes sharing mission risks and rewards. Our teams create a value-added program management function across your enterprise, developing partnerships with our customers, adopting similar and sometimes shared tools to create efficiencies that bridge any gaps and drive successful outcomes. Mercury has a proven process, road tested on many programs over multiple years that helps minimize risk and support on-time, affordable solutions.

Innovation That Wins

Secure Sensor and Mission Processing

Mercury’s thirty year legacy of designing and manufacturing dense, scalable embedded processing subsystems with secure server-class capabilities has made us a driving force in defense electronics. We pioneered many of today’s modular open system architectures for embedded processing by leveraging the best available commercial technologies for interoperability, performance and affordability. We’re the only defense electronics company that develops our technologies and manufactures our solutions entirely in the USA. System integrity, trusted supply chains and best-in-class material sourcing procedures are part of our DNA.

Technology Capabilities

Mercury Systems designs, develops, engineers and manufactures industry-leading open systems, pre-integrated subsystems for critical DoD and Intelligence applications. We pioneered many of the embedded processing solutions now ubiquitous within many key programs. Our thermal cooling and packaging expertise allows our customers to harness the ever increasing processing power needed for today’s demanding missions. Mercury has participated in and led the adoption of modular open systems architectures in defense electronics and is the driving force behind OpenVPX and many other innovations. It’s all about applied technology- Innovation That Matters.

Innovation That's Trusted

RF and Microwave Subsystems

Mercury is the better alternative for advanced RF and microwave solutions. We have the people, skills, engineering and manufacturing facilities to deliver on this promise. Our Advanced Microelectronics Centers enable us to produce integral, highly-repeatable devices, and their scalability seamlessly supports production from prototype to full rate. As in the processing domain, we are now delivering modular open systems architectures that combine digital, RF and microwave technologies. Our latest innovation, OpenRFM, is a potential game changer for affordable RF and microwave subsystem solutions for Electronic Warfare applications.

Advanced Microelectronics Centers

Our RF and Microwave solutions, ranging from components to advanced subsystems make us the better alternative in providing technologies that support key defense and intelligence applications, programs and missions. To help accomplish this, we bring responsive, world-class design and scalable manufacturing to defense electronics. At our advanced full service facilities, engineering and manufacturing work side by side and are dedicated to the production of RF/Microwave components all the way up to complete subsystems.

Innovation That Defends

Radar Subsystems and Solutions

Mercury’s rugged modular open system architectures (MOSA) feature the most efficient cooling technology and fastest switch fabrics to deliver the highest embedded signal processing capability in the industry today. Whether the application is onboard a high-altitude platform or within a ground-station, Mercury’s Ensemble processing building blocks are optimized for low-SWaP performance and processing density. Scalable Ensemble radar processing subsystems with their coherent, low-latency processing power are ideally suited to radar’s complex, real-time signal processing requirements.


Ensemble signal processing building blocks are highly configurable and available in OpenVPX and AdvancedTCA form factors. Ensemble processing subsystems are ideally suited to high-performance modern radar signal processing requirements, including AESAs. Ensemble building blocks extend in to the RF and microwave domain through OpenRFM. Integrating RF and microwave with low-latency digital processing resources enables Mercury to configure wideband DRFMs and sophisticated radar environmental simulators with which to exercise the most modern and complex radar systems.


Innovation That Detects

Electronic Warfare Subsystems and Solutions

Mercury leverages open standards-based technologies to create low-latency, broadband Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions. By bringing deep-domain expertise to pre-integrating complex RF and microwave and digital processing resources, our high-frequency solutions span from DRFMs to entirely self-contained EW LRUs. OpenRFM standardizes and neatly addresses the interoperability of RF/microwave and digital processing convergence within the sensor processing chain. This scalable, modular open systems approach promotes affordability and speeds time-to-market and solution within the EW domain.

Advanced Subsystems

From signal acquisition, to digitization, processing and electronic countermeasure, our rugged Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) building blocks are highly scalable, interoperable and have exceptionally efficient SWaP utilization. The MOSA approach to EW subsystem development reduces program risk, development and time-to-solution and market, while promoting affordability and infusing exportability features. OpenRFM is an open systems architecture approach to building next generation EW solutions that contain RF and microwave resources which feature low-latency, broadband, high-fidelity performance. OpenRFM efficiently leverages the best prior IP to reduce integration effort and supports a highly scalable and feature-rich ecosystem.

Innovation That's Affordable

Advanced Subsystems

ISR Solutions

New missions require sensors to see more and determine actionable intelligence in real-time as they go wider, higher and further. This requires ever more processing capability and nowhere is this seen more than in modern image intelligence (IMINT) applications. Larger surveyed areas, higher resolutions and the need for real-time information derived from on-platform analysis requires massive processing power.

IMINT Solutions

Modern IMINT intelligence is the product of multiple sensor inputs, inputs that are stitched together, corrected for orthorectification, subject to geospatial analysis and their actionable intelligence identified and subsequently disseminated in real-time. These smarter Wide Area Motion Imagery, EO/IR and SAR sensors rely on dense processing power in low-SWaP packages to deliver their decisive situational advantages.

IMINT Solutions