Military Grade Secure Solid State Drives

We design and manufacture the best commercial Solid State Drives (SSDs) ready for military applications by ruggedizing, shrinking and incorporating trust and security in all aspects of our business. All our design and manufacturing operations are performed within a domestic DMEA certified facility

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Secure, Rugged, Small and Versatile Storage

Mercury’s secure, self-encrypting Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash Military Grade SSDs are available in various configurations, packages and levels of security. Security options include our Armor III processor for enhanced AES-256 XTS encryption and TRRUST-Stor portfolio of industry leading embedded security capabilities. When a full-size 2.5” SSD is too large, we offer miniaturized BGA-attach SSDs in chip form, available with SATA interface.  For applications requiring a modular approach, our XMC (VITA 42.3) portfolio of mezzanine drives are ideally suited.