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FPGA Digital Processing

Mercury Systems' EnsembleSeries™ FPGA-based digital processing modules provide the flexibility for advanced system needs. These OpenVPX ™ compliant solutions include FMC sites to support custom mezzanine cards and industry-leading firmware. To support operation in rugged environments, we integrate high-performance packaging and cooling technology.


FPGA Digital Processing


  • Memory: 18GB DDR4
  • FPGA Processors: Xilinx Ultrascale
  • Form Factor: 6U OpenVPX with 2 FMC sites

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This system leverages Mercury’s existing 3U OpenVPX™ products, combined with COTS technology and proprietary firmware, to achieve a modular receiver system. This architecture allows for multiple, coherent channels as well as low-latency digitization and microwave frequency conversion.

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Learn how our RF, mixed-signal, and packaging teams work together to develop the SpectrumSeries™ Multiband Platform, an extremely compact architecture for next-generation smart bullets.

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