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Program solutions are increasingly complex, so early engagement is critical. Mercury recognizes this, and increases our customers’ ability to win more business by supplying affordable, innovative, more complete, sophisticated sensor chain solutions through an engagement model that includes sharing mission risks and rewards...
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Protocol Offload Engine Technology (POET)

Product Description

POET (Protocol Offload Engine Technology) is versatile and flexible downloadable FPGA firmware which represents a collection of open standards technologies providing interconnectivity between boards, systems, and sensors for Mercury’s Intel-based subsystems. POET, through its low-latency and high-bandwidth characteristics, enables scalable, high speed, and deterministic communications and I/O.  Through its flexibility and versatility, POET interconnect efficiently extends the capabilities of the Intel-based subsystem.

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Because it is open, flexible, and multi-protocol, POET simplifies system design by reducing the range of products required to build a system.  Also, due to its downloadable and flexible nature, POET provides support for mixed backplane systems consisting of RapidIO, Ethernet, Infiniband, and additional/future protocols. For example, one system can support a mixed RapidIO and PCIe backplane, allowing users to create the best SWAP solutions by choosing the best processing cards regardless of backplane fabric. Currently, POET provides support for Serial RapidIO, with near terms plans for 40 Gigabit Ethernet and other protocols.

POET contains a user-programmable area, seen in the block diagram below that allows customers to integrate their value-add firmware such as packet inspection, DSP processing, security and other applications. This user-programmable area represents a SWaP- and value- improvement for the Intel –based subsystems because it mitigates the need for additional hardware. POET is seamlessly integrated into Mercury’s MultiCore Plus software suite

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  • Facilitates High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Communications
  • Enables Mixed Backplane Communications with Open-Standard Architecture
  • Improves SWaP and Enables User Customization
  • Provides intelligent bridge between industry standard fabrics
  • Improves networking and I/O performance, while providing easy upgrade path to future technologies
  • Facilitates microprocessor-independent, scalable design
  • Eliminates need for additional hardware,improving SWaP and reducing costs
  • Allows user customization for value-add with modular, highly configurable design
Specifications do not apply for this product. For more detail, please download the POET datasheet.