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Ensemble 6000 Series OpenVPX RTM-60P Rear Transition Module

Product Description

The Ensemble® 6000 Series OpenVPX (VITA 65) RTM-60P Rear Transition Module is designed as a VITA 46 VPX-compliant module in a 6U form factor, also compatible with OpenVPX™ system architecture design principles. This module is an innovative design intended to support Ensemble 6000 Series 6U VPX payload modules. When integrated with payload modules, such as the HCD6220 or the LDS6520, the RTM-60P brings user I/O from the backplane connectors to industry-standard interfaces. The RTM-60P utilizes a breakout cable for common serial and Ethernet connections. An additional breakout able is available to provide access to backplane USB, DVI, and clock signals. For PMC/XMC user I/O, the RTM-60P implements standard FMC connectors, providing a flexible interface for any user I/O solution. 
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  • High-density connector and breakout cable to access to RS-232/RS-422 serial and 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interfaces
  • Four 9-pin serial interfaces and four RJ45 Ethernet interfaces via the breakout cable
  • Standard VITA 57 FMC connectors that map to the PMC and XMC user I/O connections from the HCD6220 or HCD6410
  • Brings I/O to the Ensemble 6000 Series
  • Supports Ensemble 6000 Series Power ArchitectureTM  and Intel® payload modules
  • Breakout cable for standard I/O
  • Support for PMC/XMC user I/O via standard FMC connector
  • Architected to meet OpenVPX™ design principles

Compliant with the VITA 46.0 VPX standard
Designed to comply with the draft VITA 46.9
   (PMC/XMC to 3/6U VITA 46 Pin Mapping) and
   VITA 46.10 (Rear Transition Module) standards

Serial and Ethernet I/O
Available via breakout cable
   RS-232/RS-422 9-pin serial interfaces: 4
   10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 Ethernet interfaces: 4

Additional I/OAvailable via separate breakout cable
      (Mercury part number 911-56008)
   Male eSATA interfaces: 2
   DVI-D male interface: 1
   USB 2.0 Type A female interface: 1
   USB 3.0 Type A female interface: 1
   SMA male interfaces for
      REF_CLK/AUX_CLK signals: 4

PMC/XMC User I/O via Dual RTMC Sites
Available via dual FMC connectors (not VITA 57 compliant)
Backplane interface designed to comply with the draft
   VITA 46.9 standard

Commercial non-rugged - for lab use only.