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Ensemble® SCFE-V7-VXS Virtex-7 FPGA VXS/VME Processing Engine

Product Description

 The Ensemble® SCFE-V7-VXS Virtex®-7 FPGA processing
engine from Mercury Systems provides high-performance processing
for applications requiring advanced FPGA processing
power, such as EW, ELINT, SIGINT, radar, commercial wireless,
and deep packet Inspection. Utilizing the latest FPGAs from
Xilinx®, the Ensemble SCFE-V7-VXS solves the toughest signal
processing problems in a cost-effective form factor. VITA 57
FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) and UltraFMC mezzanine sites
provide diverse sensor and I/O entry points, both analog and
digital. When incorporated with other Mercury Ensemble
multi-computing modules and high-performance RF converters,
the Ensemble SCFE-V7-VXS is an essential building block in
a powerful, heterogeneous subsystem that can be tailored to
specific applications and platforms.

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• Next-generation architecture for high-end defense and commercial applications such as SIGINT, ELINT, EW, radar, commercial wireless, and deep packet inspection

• Processing power of two Xilinx® Virtex®-7 XC7VX690T devices

• VITA 57+ interface - FMC and UltraFMC sites for flexible I/O enhancements, including Ensemble multichannel digitizer FMCs

• VXS/VME form factor for rapid integration and major technology insertion into deployed systems

• Advanced system controller for stand-alone operation and easy integration into Hybrid VPX/VXS Systems

• FPGA Processing Power
• FPGA Connectivity
• EchoCore™ IP Advantage
• Flexible Control-Plane Processor
• Flexible I/O with FMC Sites
• Optimized Memory
• SecureConfig
• OpenVPX Backplane Interfacing
• Software and System Management

Two Xilinx Virtex-7 XC7VX690T
One Xilinx ZYNQ XC7Z045 (SOC)
Prosecutor Memory
1 bank of 2GB (256M x 64 up to 1600 MT/s)
Half-duplex bandwidth (unidirectional) 8.528 GB/s
Full-duplex bandwidth (bidirectional) 4.264 GB/s
2 banks of 18 MB (4M x 36 at 500 MHz)
Full-duplex bandwidth 4.5 GB/s
LVDS 80 pairs at up to 1 GHz
GTX SerDes 8 lanes up to 10.0 Gb/s each
LVDS 100 pairs at up to 1 GHz
Inter-FPGA network
32 full-duplex HSDL lanes at 1.0 Gb/s
64 half-duplex HSDL lanes at 1.0 Gb/s
4 GTX SerDes lanes up to 10.0 Gb/s each
~140W at ambient with all 3 FPGAs (2 Prosecutors, 1 Governor) at 80+%
FMC integration – Consult factory