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ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series RTM60S Rear Transition Module OpenVPX

Product Description

The Ensemble® 6000 Series OpenVPX (VITA 65) RTM-60S Rear Transition Module from Mercury Computer Systems is designed as a VITA 46 VPX-compliant module in a 6U form factor, also compatible with OpenVPX™ system architecture design principles. This module is intended to support Ensemble 6000 Series 6U VPX switch modules. When integrated with the SFM6100, SMM6100, or SWM6100 modules, the RTM-60S brings user I/O from the backplane connectors to industry-standard interfaces. For systems where front panel I/O is not preferred, the RTM-60S can be used to bridge in and out of the switch modules in the Ensemble 6000 Series. 
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  • DualRS-232 interfaces and dual 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interfaces
  • Additional 10/100BASE-T Ethernet interface to support the remote system management capabilities of the SFM6100 and SMM6100 modules
  • Brings user I/O from the backplane connectors to industry-standard interfaces, when integrated with the SFM6100, SMM6100, or SWM6100 modules
  • Brings I/O to the Ensemble 6000 Series
  • Supports Ensemble 6000 Series Switch Modules
  • Provides standard I/O to the rear transition
  • Architected to meet OpenVPX™ design principles

Compliant with the VITA 46.0 VPX standard
Designed to comply with the draft VITA 46.10
   (Rear Transition Module) standards

Serial and Ethernet I/O
Two RS-232/RS-422 standard 9-pin serial interfaces
Two 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 Ethernet interfaces
One 10/100BASE-T RJ45 Ethernet interface for remote system management

System SignalsOne standard MicroDB15 connector
   Provides interface to Environmental Bypass, Maskable Reset, Chassis Test,
       and Memory Clear system signals

Both 0.8” pitch and 1.0” pitch commercial variants are available.