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Echotek Series DCM-V6-4R160-1T1000-XMC Module

Product Description

The Echotek® Series DCM-V6-4R160-1T1000-XMC  implements a flexible FPGA-based architecture in a space-efficient mezzanine card form factor. The module combines the latest in high-performance A/D conversion with a high-speed and high-resolution D/A converter, both working in
conjunction with powerful Xilinx® Virtex™-6 FPGA technology.

With this unique set of features, the DCM-V6-4R160-1T1000-XMC delivers multi-board coherency, while addressing a range of demanding signal requirements as found in Radar, SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT, and medical imaging applications.

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  • Four analog IF inputs and, optionally, one analog IF output via MMCX connectors on front panel.
  • Two dual-channel National Semiconductor ADC16DV160CILQ A/D converters at rates of up to 160 MSPS with 16-bit resolution.
  • Optional single-channel Texas Instruments DAC5682Z D/A converter supports 16-bit signals at up to 1 GHz.
  •  Virtex-6 LX240T has 241,152 logic cells, 37,680 slices, and 768 DSP blocks in an 1156 pin-package FPGA.
  • 512 MB of DDR3 SDRAM and 9 MB of QDR2 SRAM
  • EchoCore™  firmware available
  • High-speed XMC transceiver
  • Powered by Xilinx® Virtex™-6 Technology
  • Four-channel 16-bit A/D conversion at up to 160 MSPS
  • Single-channel 16-bit D/A conversion at up to 1 GHz (optional)
  • Complementary to the Echotek Series RF 3000T Radio Frequency Tuner and Upconverter
  • Dual high-speed XMC Interface

A/D ConversionInput channels: 4
A/D type: National Semiconductor ADC16DV160CILQ
Resolution: 16 bits
Speed: 160 MSPS

D/A Conversion
Output channels: 1
D/A type: Texas Instruments DAC5682Z
Resolution: 16 bits
Speed: 1 GHz

FPGAsSignal Prosecutor: Xilinx Virtex-6 LX240T (FF1156)
Bus interface: Xilinx Virtex-6 LX130T (FF784)

    Size: 128 Mb
    Bus width: x16
    Bus speed: 400 MHz
    Size: 72 Mb
    Bus width: x36
    Bus speed: 250 MHz

    Operating: 0ºC to 40ºC
    Storage: -40ºC to +85ºC

RuggedizationLevel :Commercial
Cooling: Commercial grade, air-cooled
Consult factory for rugged options.