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ENSEMBLE® 4000 Series SBC4120 Single Board Computer MPC8640D

Product Description

The Ensemble® 4000 Series SBC4120 Module combines high-performance Power Architecture™ processing technology with balanced I/O from dual PMC/XMC sites, designed for easy insertion into legacy VME systems. This MPC8640D dual-core single-board computer (SBC) requires only 5V power supplied from the backplane, and can operate safely with the lower airflow rates often found in such systems. The SBC4120 provides the features of a single-board computer with a software environment that is identical to the software infrastructure across Mercury products.
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  • Freescale™ MPC8640D dual-core processor with two standard e600 processor cores, two DDR2 memory controllers, 1 MB of L2 cache, and flexible system-on-chip I/O subsystem
  • Off-the-shelf mezzanine cards with either PCI-X or PCI Express® protocols
  • PCI/PCI-X interface at up to 133 MHz on primary site and up to 100 MHz on secondary site
  • 128 MB of write-protectable boot/application flash per processor
  • RS-232 serial interface ports per processor to the front panel
  • Real-time clock with granularity to 1 ms and time measurement of up to 30 years
  • General-purpose timers for synchronization
  • Low-power, low-cost single-board computer with flexible I/O
  • VME64 6U air-cooled SBC
  • 1.06 GHz dual-core, low-power MPC8640D processor
  • Optimized for legacy 5V-only VME systems
  • Identical software infrastructure across Mercury products
  • Flexible I/O supported on dual PMC/XMC sites

One dual-core MPC8640D processor
Two PMC/XMC sites (XMC configured for VITA 42.3 support)
Input voltage: 5V
Power dissipation, typical (without PMC/XMC card)
   Without AltiVec: 40W (estimated)
   With AltiVec: 45W (estimated)
Note: For power supply requirements and thermal design guidelines, use 20% more than the above numbers or consult factory, if your requirements do not allow the 20% margin.

Processor Node
Dual-core MPC8640D: 1.06 GHz
Cores per device: 2
DDR2 SDRAM : 1 GB per board at 533 MHz

PMC-X / XMC Sites
Two PMC-X sites
PCI-X-to-PCI Express bridge
    Connects PMC sites to onboard PCI Express switch
PCI support: 33 MHz and 66 MHz
PCI-X support
   Primary site : 66, 100, and 133 MHz
   Secondary site: 66 and 100 MHz
PMC user-defined I/O from P4 to VME P2 connector
PCI Express XMC sites per VITA 42.3
VME Interface
2eSST capable via Tundra® TSi148™

Two front-panel 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet ports
RS-232 serial interface to front-panel interface
RS-232 serial interface to VME P2 connector

Additional ResourcesOnboard 128-MB boot/application flash per processor
Real-time clock
Watchdog timer
General-purpose 32-bit timers/counters
System management block
Thermal and voltage sensors

   Operating: 0C to 40C
   Storage: -40C to +85C
   Operating: 10,000 ft
   Storage: 30,000 ft
Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
Vibration: 0.003g2/Hz, based on 20-2000 Hz, 1 hr/axis
   z-axis: 20g; x-, y-axes: 32g; 11 ms half-sine;
   3-positive and 3-negative on each axis
Rugged options: Consult factory.