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Ensemble 6000 Series OpenVPX GSC6200 GPU Processing Module

Product Description

Not just for graphics anymore, the Ensemble® 6000 series 6U OpenVPX™ (VITA 65) GSC6200 GPU Processing Module from Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. harnesses the tremendous compute power of graphics processing units (GPUs) for rugged, high-performance, embedded signal and image-processing in a broad range of defense and commercial applications, including radar signal processing, electro-optical and infrared image-processing, electronic warfare and other applications requiring intense computational capabilitieson large streams of data.  


Military Embedded Editor's Choice Award 


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  • Dual MxM sites support 1 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M Fermi Architecture GPU, each with two single-link DVI interfaces 
  • 48-lane, 12-port PCI Express Gen2 switch to backplane 
  • Software-controlled management features 
  • CUDA sofwareenviroment for NVIDIA-based GPUs 
  • Embedded smart processing of unrelenting streams of data in rugged OpenVPX
  • 6U OpenVPX™-compliant module
  • Supports up to 2 high-end nVIDIA® compute nodes per 6U slot
  • MxM form factor preserves rapid technical insertion of latest GPU architectures
  • Advanced power management capabilities
  • Conduction-cooled and air-cooled versions

PCIe Switch
x16 PCIe connection to each MXM site
x16 PCIe connection to the backplane
   Configurable as a single x16 upstream port
   Configurable as a single x8 upstream port and a single
      x8 downstream port

MXM revision 3.0 compliant
Support for Type A and Type B MXM modules
Two single-link DVI display interfaces per site
   Configurable per interface for front panel or backplane
      connector connectivity
One x16 PCIe connection per site

GPUs Supported
nVIDIA GeForce GTS280M
   562 GFLOPS
   7 GFLOPS per watt (1.1 CC compliant)
Contact Mercury Sales for updates to the supported GPU processors.

IPMI (System Management)
Renasas® HD64F2166 IPMI Controller
Voltage monitor
Geographical address monitor
Temperature monitor
Power/reset control
FRU and on-board MxM EEPROM interfaces
CPLD interfaces

OpenVPX Connector
IPMB-A and IPMB-B link management plane
Dual x16 PCIe Gen2 speed expansion plane

1.0” slot width pitch


   Operating: 0°C to 55°C*
   Storage: -55°C to +85°C
   *Customer must maintain required cfm level.
   Operating: 5-95%, non-condensing
Vibration: consult factory
Shock: consult factory
   Operating 0-30,000 ft*
   *Customer must maintain required cfm level.

Consult factory

OpenVPX System Specification encompasses
   VITA 46.0, 46.3, 46.4, 46.6, 46.11
Compatible with VITA 65
VITA 46/48.1/48.2 (REDI)
PCI Express