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ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series IOM141 I/O Module XMC Streaming Switch Mezzanine

Product Description

Mercury Systems brings enhanced performance and flexibility to external I/O with the Ensemble® IOM-141 Streaming I/O XMC (Switched Mezzanine Card, VITA 42.2-2006). Providing 2.5 Gbaud of full-duplex bandwidth per channel and four channels per card, the IOM-141 XMC offers high levels of speed and connection density. With fiber connection distances of up to 150 meters and with a latency as low as 4 μs, it is ideally suited as the real-time digital interface for sensor input or data output in a high-performance embedded system.
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  • 2.5 Gbaud of full-duplex bandwidth per channel with two or four channels per card
  • Fiber connection distances of up to 150 m
  • Latency as low as 4 μs
  • Each channel programmable for data distribution without processor intervention
  • Linked-list DMA controller for intelligent control of data distribution
  • Data transfer facility layered on top of standard Mercury Interprocessor Communication System (ICS) 
  • Quad- or dual-channel fiber-optic serial front-panel data port (sFPDP)
  • High levels of speed and connection density
  • Support for all four front-panel data port (FPDP) data modes
  • Ideal for streaming sensor input or data output
  • Configuration flexibility with two DMA engines per channel (send and receive)
  • Programmable for data distribution without processor intervention

     4 channels
     PCI Express® (Gen 1) x8 interface to XMC Jn5 connector
Media 62.5/125 or 50/125 micron
Wavelength 850 nm
Connector type LC
Distance Up to 150 meters, depending on configuration

Configuration Requirements
Ensemble® 6000 Series Intel®-based Hardware

Software Support
MultiCore Plus for Ensemble 6000 Intel-based Systems
IOM-141 XMC daughter cards include a driver software package for
MCP, and require the ICS package.

     Input 16K x 35 bits
     Output 2K x 34 bits
DMA command packets SRAM 128K x 32 bits per channel
Data rate 2.500 Gbaud or 1.0625 Gbaud
Power dissipation 12W-14W for 4-channel (typical)

XMC style daughter card 6.5” x 2.9”

Please refer to the datasheet 

OpenVPX System Specification encompasses
     VITA 46.0, 46.3, 46.4, 46.6, 46.7, 46.9, 46.11
Compatible with VITA 65
VITA 48/48.1/48.2 (REDI)
PCI Express