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Echotek Series SCFE-V6-4QSFP-OVPX 16 CH (4 X QSFP) Fiber OpenVPX FPGA Module

Product Description

The SCFE-4QSFP-V6-OVPX Module is ideal for deployed defense and industrial applications where digitized sensor I/O or data packets need routing via multichannel high-speed fiber (or short-reach copper) to and from FPGA processors. Data rates of 3.125 Gbps to 5 Gbps per serial fiber lane are supported with up to 16 lanes available per OpenVPX slot.
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  • Four QSFP cages and connectors per OpenVPX™ slot via two IOM-QSFP-FMC Optical Interface FMCs
  • Full duplex data rate of 3.125 to 5 Gbps
  • SFPDP protocol support, subset components provided for VITA-49 Digital IF development
  • Modular approach allows for the exchange of fiber media without baseboard removal
  • FMC HPC connection to Virtex®-6 FPGAs (SX315/SX475/LX240T) on Serial RapidIO®-enabled SCFE-V6-OVPX baseboard
  • Supports up to 80 Gbps of data input, plus preprocessing, in a single 6U OpenVPX slot

Two single-wide IOM-QSFP-FMC modules extend through the front panel of the SCFE-V6-OVPX carrier (1.0” pitch)

0 C to +55 C
Contact factory for rugged versions

Power Supply Requirements*
11.7A @ 12V max
3.0A @ 5V max
3.7A @ 3.3V max
*160W assumes max load of 30W per each of three user programmable FPGAs and two IOM-QSFP-FMC modules at max draw 

Fiber Channels
16 with two IOM-QSFP-FMC modules on SCFE-V6-OVPX carrier

V6 SX315T, SX475T or LX240T available on SCFE-V6-OVPX OpenVPX™ FMC carrier. Refer to SCFE-V6-OVPX datasheet for additional specifications.

Bus Interface Type 


Software/FPGA Infrastructure IP
SFPDP IP including loopback test and exerciser
VITA-49 Digital IF packet generator and checker
QSFP Configuration Programming I2C Interface
Additional IP cores available via Mercury Services and Systems Integration (SSI)