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ENSEMBLE® 6000 Series SFM6101 Switch Fabric Module OpenVPX Serial RapidIO and Ethernet

Product Description

The Ensemble™ 6000 Series OpenVPX SFM6101 Next Generation Switch Fabric Module from Mercury Computer Systems is a VITA 46/48 switch board that provides full inter-board Gen2 serial RapidIO and Gigabit Ethernet connections in an OpenVPX system. Built to comply with the VITA 65 OpenVPX specification, the SFM6101 delivers data plane switching, control plane switching and chassis management in a single OpenVPX slot. The module has five 12-port Gen2 serial RapidIO crossbars in a two-level hierarchy, providing full connectivity for up to 18 OpenVPX payload modules at up to 2 GB/s per link in both directions simultaneously.
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  • High-bandwidth, next-generation, serial RapidIO® switching with up to 5.0 Gbaud serial RapidIO data rates
  • On-board Layer 2–managed Ethernet switching and front panel
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Intelligent OpenVPX™ system management capabilities from a single point
  • Built-in accordance with OpenVPX design principles
  • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled variants available
  • Identical software infrastructure across Mercury products
  • Optimized for SWaP: switching, system management and chassis management in a single slot
  • Powerful: A single SFM6101 module provides full connectivity for up to 18 payload modules in an OpenVPX chassis
  • Flexible, scalable and configurable for combining in a variety of configurations, meeting a broad range of embedded application requirements
  • System management capabilities enable system-wide control from a single point  

OpenVPX Slot Profiles 
Build option to support SLT6-SWH-16U-20F-10.4.2
Default: SLT6-SWH-20U-19F-10.4.1

OpenVPX Module Profiles 
When configured for slot profile SLT6-SWH-16U-20F-10.4.2, the SFM6101 supports
module profiles MOD6-SWH-16U 20F-12.4.2-6, and -8.
When configured for slot profile SLT6-SWH-20U-19F-10.4.1, the SFM6101 supports
module profiles MOD6-SWH-20U19F-12.4.1-6, and -8.

Supports up to 18 OpenVPX payload modules
Data plane (per VITA 65)
   • 18 4x serial RapidIO links at 5.0 or 3.125 Gbaud to payload slots
   • 1 or 2 inter-switch serial RapidIO links
   • Supports Serial RapidIO versions 1.3, 2.0 or 2.1 
Control plane
   • 16 Gigabit Ethernet links to control plane (increased to 20 links in configurations with 19 data plane interfaces).
Management plane
   • I2C bus between all switch and payload slots
Front panel I/O via two 10 Gigabit Ethernet and two Gigabit Ethernet ports
   • Single Gigabit Ethernet port only routed to backplane on conduction-cooled assemblies
Dual-sided PCB assembly
Designed for installation in VITA 46 and VITA 65 OpenVPX compliant chassis

Standard 6U OpenVPX 1.0” pitch
Double-height 6U form factor
160 mm x 233.3 mm

Power Requirements 
Input voltage 12V from backplane

Please check the datasheet.