LDS6521 Single Board Computer

6U OpenVPX SBC powered by Intel 2nd Gen i7 processor

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Powerful and Versatile Intel 2nd Gen i7 Processing

The EnsembleSeries LDS6521 is a 6U OpenVPX Single Board Computer powered by an Intel 2nd gen i7 processor with Ethernet switch fabrics and dual mezzanine sites.


  • Intel 2nd Generation Core i7 (Sandy Bridge mobile-class) quad-core processor
  • 8GB DDR3
  • Software enabled for Gen 2 Serial RapidIO and/or 10 Gigabit Ethernet fabrics
  • Integrated Gen 2 PCIe switching infrastructure



Industry Leading Partners

We partner with industry leaders like Intel and NVIDIA to deliver their latest AI-enabled data center and multi-core edge processors to power your most ambitious on-platform processing application. 

Intel Micron Xilinx

Nvidia Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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We employ cutting-edge commercial technologies and unique processes borne from a wealth of in-house expertise, garnered on over 300 programs, to develop and manufacture solutions to meet your application's demanding conditions. 



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We partner with industry leaders like Intel® and NVIDIA® to incorporate the most advanced AI-enabled data center and multi-core edge processors into the rugged, trusted and secure solutions that power your most ambitious on-platform processing applications.