Narrowband Upconverters


Narrowband Upconverters DSP IP Offerings


It is a tunable upconverter with high interpolation/relatively narrow-band input. It employs a CIC and two FIR filter stages to achieve the desired response, along with an NCO/mixer section that places the signal anywhere within the output band. The minimum interpolation is 32, which makes the maximum bandwidth Fclk/32, hence the “narrowband” designation. This core has real or complex output and a selectable sin(x)/x compensation for the first Nyquist Zone.


  • High interpolation / relatively narrow-band input
    • Minimum interpolation = 32 => max BW = Fs/32
  • PFIR, CFIR, CIC, NCO/ mixer
  • Output selection: real, real+sin(x)/x compensation, or complex

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