Polyphase Channelizer

The polyphase channelizer is essentially a block downconverter that splits up the received signal spectrum into a number of equally spaced, narrow-band channels, each centered at baseband. The polyphase channelizer requires a complex input signal residing at baseband. If not, then this could be affected by having one of the previously mentioned downconverters precede the channelizer.


  • Takes in complex A/D samples already centered around baseband (may need to be preceded by another type of downconverter)
  • Splits up received spectrum into equally spaced channels, each, in turn, centered at baseband

Polyphase Channelizer DSP IP Offerings


Is a 128-channel polyphase channelizer. Of these, only about 75-80% of the channels (96-102) will be available due to allowance for anti-aliasing filter transition bands. The 128 complex outputs per clock represent one sample per channel per clock, effectively a decimation of 128.


  • 128-channels => decimation by 128
    • 128 complex outputs per clock
  • About 75-80% (96-102) usable channels due to allowance for anti-aliasing filter transition bands
  • 4K user-loadable filter coefficients

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