Microwave RF

Custom Multifunction Modules

4-Channel Broadband Combiner / Converter 

Broadband (multi-octave through Ku-Band) combiner/converter that accepts and combines four independent input signals. The combined input signal is down-converted to a 750MHz IF. Integral RF step attenuator for increased dynamic range. Dedicated activity detector channel for fast detection of critical signals.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Octave Down-Converter (Through Ku-Band)
  • 4 Input Ports Combined to a Single Conversion Channel
  • Integral RF Step Attenuator for Increased Dynamic Range
  • Integral RF / LO / IF Amplification
  • Integral IF Filter (750MHz ± 250MHz)
  • Integral Built-in-Test (BIT) Oscillator
  • Dedicated Activity Detection Channel with Log Video Output

Adaptive Notch Filters 1227 MHz and 1575 MHz

A236001-1Highly integrated multi-function adaptive notch filter modules for use in advanced interference mitigation (anti-jam) systems. This device accepts two input signals with independent phase/amplitude characteristics and can be electronically tuned to either amplify or cancel the combined signal, using a variety of amplifier stages, variable phase shifters, amplitude modulators, and quadrature hybrids.

Key Features:

  • Tunable Signal Cancellation
  • Complex, Highly Integrated, Anti-Jam Function
  • Gain in Maximum Gain State > 30dB
  • Achievable Notch Depth > 30dBc Over ± 20MHz Bandwidth

X-Band Phase Control Unit

A228001-1Amplifies and divides a single X-band input signal into two phase-controlled output signals. The phase of the two output signals are independently controlled through the use of analog phase shifters and digitally controlled 180 degree phase shifter bits that are included in each output channel.

Key Features:

  • Independent Phase Control of 2 Output Signals
  • 180° Digital "Phase Flipper" in Each Channel
  • 400° Analog Phase Range in Each Channel

High Linearity Switched Amplifier

A222011-1Broadband switched amplifier that includes a 4-stage amplifier, high isolation SP2T switches and a coupled sample output. This high linearity device exhibits a +36dBm minimum IP3 and a +24dBm minimum P1dB over the frequency range of 6GHz to 18GHz.

Key Features:

  • 6 to 18GHz Bandwidth
  • High IP3 Performance, > +36dBm in Amplified Path
  • Switched Amplifier (+21dB gain) and Bypass States
  • Amplifier Power-Down in Bypass State
  • Unit-to-unit Phase and Amplitude Matching

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