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Digital Receivers and Tuners

Mercury produces up and down converters, receivers and transmitters for secure communications, homeland security and other defense applications. We cover frequency bands starting at low KHz frequencies through to RF, microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. Product specifications can vary widely and are typically defined by customer specifications.

Mercury’s ultra-fast RF tuners and digital receivers gave a prime customer the discriminator it needed to win the SEWIP Block 2 program, unseating the incumbent in the process. After delivering on this initial capability, Mercury’s engagement eventually broadened to include collaboration on the full signal processing subsystem design. At the end of the day, Mercury’s products and services won on two crucial counts: technical performance and overall system cost. Together they created a compelling advantage that the DoD simply could not ignore. 

Echotek Series RFM 251 XMC Tuner  XMC/PMC Commercial/Rugged Xilinx 2.0 MHz to 2.5 GHz PCIe/SRIO
Echotek Series DCM-V5-XMC Digital Receiver  XMC/PMC Commercial Xilinx 2.3 GHz PCI Express
Echotek Series ECSG-1RHSCT Low Phase Noise AD Clock Generator  6U Commercial/Rugged N/A N/A N/A
Echotek Series ECV4-2 Two- or Four-Channel Virtex-4-Based PMC/XMC Digital Receivers  XMC/PMC Commercial/Rugged Xilinx N/A Multiple I/O Options
Echotek Series ECV4-4 Four-Channel, Wideband, Virtex-4-Based Digital Receivers  6U Commercial Xilinx/Altera N/A RACE++
Echotek Series DCM-V5-VXS Virtex-5 Based FPGA Digital Receiver  6U Rugged Xilinx N/A Multiple I/O Options
Echotek Series DCM-V6-4R160-1T1000-XMC Module  XMC/PMC N/A N/A N/A N/A
Echotek Series RF 3000-5000 Tuners and Upconverters  6U Commercial N/A N/A N/A
Echotek Series RFM-1802RF with Synthesizer ADV-1800S Dual-Channel Wideband Microwave Tuner  6U Commercial N/A N/A N/A
Echotek Series Wideband DCM-V6-XMC Module  XMC/PMC Commercial/Rugged Xilinx N/A Analog IF