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Frequency Conversion

Mercury designs custom frequency converters ranging from 500 KHz to 60 GHz. Performance is optimized to meet or exceed customer specifications by utilizing and combining assorted technologies (e.g., MMIC-based mixers, switches, amplifiers, attenuators, hybrid designs).

Our in-house filter design experience and capability, combined with our MFA line, lets us offer the highest performance at a competitive price. Applications range from simple up and down converters for commercial applications to highly integrated subsystems for military programs. 

  • Low noise figure
  • High IP3 
  • Integral pre-selectors utilizing edge-coupled filters, suspended substrates, Interdigital and lumped elements
  • AGC (digital and analog attenuators)
  • Frequency equalization/custom gain slope
  • Integrated frequency multipliers
  • Integrated PLL's (fixed and swept frequency)
  • BIT circuitry
  • RF-to-baseband conversion capabilities 
  • Unique combination of RF microwave and digital expertise provides higher level integration  
  • Advanced FPGA and CPLD devices achieve superior performance for extremely demanding requirements  
  • High-density packaging and hermetic sealing make assemblies an attractive choice for ground-based, naval and airborne applications 
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