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Frequency Measurement

Mercury offers a range of standard high-performance broadband Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) receivers and Digital Frequency Discrimination (DFD), which act as functional building blocks in many military electronic warfare systems. Examples include electronic counter measures (ECM) systems, electronic surveillance measures (ESM) systems and radar warning receivers (RWR).

Our experience in designing components and subsystems for military applications ensures that Mercury DIFMs are reliable and manufacturable. We also offer extensive in-house manufacturing to maintain production rates and keep schedules on time.

Parameters  Standard Performance  Custom 
Instantaneous Frequency
0.5 to 2.5 GHz and 2.0 to 18.0 GHz  multi-octave bands to 18 GHz
Frequency Resolution  1.0 MHz normal  0.5 MHz
Frequency Accuracy  3.0 MHz RMS, 8.0 MHz absolute  2.0 MHz RMS @ -6 dB SNR
Output Format  14-bit data word  15-bit data word
Data Output Speed  20 MHz standard  80 to 100 MHz 
RF Pulse Width Range  50 ns to CW  25 ns to CW
Minimum Input Sensitivity  0 dBm  -50 dBm 
Dynamic Range  10 dB 60 dB 
Form Factor  5.44" by 6.55" by 1.80"  
Weight  2.65 pounds   
  • Broadband fundamental microwave components guarantee frequency coverage for any application
  • Firmware-based field programmable logic accommodates any digital interface requirement
  • Faster development time are archived using common building blocks
  • Extensive design experience yields robust product designs with optimum electrical performance and mechanical parameters (size and weight)
  • In-house manufacturing expertise ensures high-quality on-time deliveries
  • Microwave and digital building blocks ensure frequency accuracy specification compliance
  • Mechanical and electrical design tools minimize development time 
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