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Microwave Control Components

Mercury’s RF and microwave switching capability includes both PIN diode and GaAs MMIC switches with integral drivers. Performance is optimized to cover the 0.5 to 26 GHz range, with extended frequency coverage available. Specific diode selection allows Mercury to tailor the design to your specific requirements, generally resulting in lower loss and higher isolation performance. 

Switches are available in standard designs as well as custom designs of virtually any configuration. These PIN diode and GaAs MMIC capabilities are integrated into high-quality switch matrices designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • Ability to achieve fast switching times (<20 ns) with ASIC driver
  • Extremely low switching noise for demanding applications
  • Multi-octave, full access N x M configurations for maximum flexibility
  • All-switch based matrices for very high port to port isolation
  • Mechanical configurations include traditional orthogonal mounting of modules
  • Advanced FPGA and CPLD devices linearize our voltage variable attenuators
  • Active temperature sensing/compensation method maintains performance over wide temperature ranges
  • Integrated amplifiers and equalizers improve RF performance
  • Unique method for high isolation RF crossovers maintains amplitude balance for broadband multi-throw matrices
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