Microwave RF

Switch Filters & Switch Matrices

Frequency Doubler / Switched Filter

Multifunction device that expands the frequency range of the applied input signal while also providing filtering, amplification, and power limiting of the output signal.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Octave Bandwidth Through Ku-Band
  • AGC Provides Constant Output Power Independent of Input Level
  • All Harmonic Signal < -20dBc, All Spurious Signals < -70dBc

Amplifier / Switch Assembly

A249001Multi-function integrated microwave assembly that consists of multiple hermetic modules interconnected using SMP flexible cables and integrated in an environ-mentally sealed top-level assembly. This device, which operates from 2 to 4 GHz, divides and amplifies input signals applied at 3 unique input ports.

Key Features:

  • S-Band Operation
  • 7 Port Device — 3 Inputs & 4 Outputs
  • High SP3T Switch Isolation

L-Band 16-Port Switched Signal Router

A239001Multi-function device providing signal routing between a total of 16 RF I/O ports, incorporates an 8-way Wilkinson power divider, several high directivity couplers, and several TTL-controlled SP2T PIN diode switches.

Key Features:

  • 16 unique RF I/O Ports, >24 Unique RF Signal Paths
  • Path-to-Path Amplitude and Phase Matching

L-Band Switch Matrix

A224002Multi-function switch matrix that provides signal routing between 5 unique I/O ports. This hermetically sealed module incorporates several TTL-controlled SP2T switches along with a directional coupler and several fixed attenuators to provide both switching and step attenuator functions.

Key Features:

  • 5 Unique RF I/O Ports, High Power Handling Capability
  • Low Switch Insertion Loss, High Switch Isolation, Fast Switching Speed
  • 2 Integral High Accuracy Step Attenuators

3x2 VHF Switch Matrix

A248001Enables various switching combinations between 3 input ports and 2 output ports. This hermetically sealed module includes 5 SP3T MMIC switches along with TTL-level switch drivers.

Key Features:

  • Complex Switching Matrix
  • Integral 3 Bit TTL Decoding Logic for 8 Possible Switch States

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